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Digital Loyalty Simplified.

Increase sales, and drive repeat business all inside Apple and Google Wallet.

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A Loyalty Platform for Small Businesses.

Frugility was created with small businesses in mind. It is a loyalty platform that is easy to set up and use. It is also flexible enough to be used by any type of small business.

No POS needed

Reward customers remotely or scan their card with your phone or tablet. No expensive equipment necessary.

No App To Download

Frugility utilizes Apple Wallet and Google Wallet to store your rewards card on your customers phone.

Simple Setup

Fill out a quick questionnaire and we will help you set up your rewards card to match your brand.

Digitize your promotion

 In just a few minutes, you can have a custom loyalty card that fits your brand perfectly, with your own text, colors, images, and even your logo. From the classic stamp card to cashback, we have you covered.

Launch your program

You can start signing customers up today using nothing more than a smartphone, tablet or computer. No need for expensive hardware!

Stay Connected

Bring your customers back in-store by sending them marketing promotions that are too enticing to resist!

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